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Personalized Prescriptions Made for You

Partner with us to develop and deliver branded medications that set your practice apart.

Our Trusted Partners

Elevate Prescriptions
& Patient Care

We help medical practitioners create personalized prescriptions and enhance their practice with custom formulations and telemedicine, patient care and revenue.

  • Custom Formulations: Design personalized OTC and RX treatments.

  • Telemedicine: Streamline your services with online consultations and prescription deliveries.

  • Enhanced Patient Care: Deliver superior treatment outcomes.

  • Revenue Growth: Expand your practice with innovative solutions.

Discover the Prescriber
Pharmacy Difference

Experience Customization, Control, and Convenience with Our Tailored Prescription Services

Branded Solutions
Just for You

Imagine prescribing treatments uniquely tailored and branded for your practice. Our white label prescription services allow you to personalize topical prescription drug treatments, making each prescription distinctly yours.

Direct Involvement
and Control

We collaborate closely with you to develop custom formulations or utilize our effective stock formulas. This hands-on approach ensures that you're involved every step of the way—from initial concept to the final product in your hands.

Custom Labels and Design

Work with our expert graphic designers to create custom labels that resonate with your brand identity. Your involvement continues through the design phase, right up to approving the final prototypes of both the prescription and label artwork.

Prescription Management

Once prototypes are approved, you can start prescribing these personalized treatments. We take care of compounding, labeling, and direct shipping to your patients or your office, simplifying the process of medication management.

Direct Revenue Opportunities

Enhance your revenue streams by billing directly for these custom prescriptions. Choose between cash payments or insurance billing—whatever suits your practice. Monthly statements and detailed reports keep you informed and in control of the financial aspects

Tailored for Prescribing Doctors

Our services are designed specifically for ambitious medical professionals who seek to enhance their practice’s offerings and revenue without compromising their time.

Comprehensive Support

From formulation to patient delivery, our team supports you at every step. Enjoy seamless integration of telemedicine services, ensuring you and your patients benefit from modern, efficient healthcare solutions

Proven Expertise

With over 50 years of combined experience in pharmacy and product formulation, our experts are equipped to deliver high-quality, innovative solutions that stand out in the healthcare market.

Why Choose Us

Customized Support and Innovative Solutions for Modern Healthcare Professionals

Dr. Angelo Thrower

With 25+ years of experience,
he's a leading medical doctor specializing in ethnic skin and hair conditions. Dr. Thrower, a pioneer in Florida, is also one of the Miami Heat's team physicians since 1992

Dr. Courtney Rubin

Board Certified Dermatologist and the Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Fig.1 Beauty. With a passion for skincare accessibility, she leads the company's mission to democratize clinically proven skincare.

Dr. Ron Fulmore II

A highly-rated chiropractor based in Orlando, Florida. He is known for his patient-centric approach, offering thorough explanations and addressing all patient queries with patience and professionalism.

Dr. Timothy Knight

A seasoned dermatologist renowned for his expertise in skincare. With a passion for innovation, he's dedicated to advancing treatments and empowering patients to achieve healthy, radiant skin

Dr. Christian Bogner

Educator and clinician in Functional Medicine and OBGYN. Specializes in online patient education and nutrigenomics as a clinical consultant for MaxGen Labs, LLC

Doctor's we've worked with!

Join a Growing Network of Satisfied Practitioners Who Trust Our Expertise

Ready to Profit from Your Own Prescriptions?

At Prescriber Pharmacy Services, we specialize in health and wellness products tailored for pain management, dermatology, and hormone therapy. Led by Vanessa Thomas, our expert team is ready to help you stand out.


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Dosage Forms & Product Ideas

Explore our diverse range of dosage forms and product ideas to meet your specific needs.




How It Works

A Seamless Process from Initial Discovery to Revenue Generation

01 - Initial Discovery

Your journey begins with an assessment of your current practice's status. This first step helps us understand your goals for scaling and explore how our services can best enhance your practice.

02 - Custom Development

Collaborate with our formulators, pharmacists and designers to create or select formulations and designs.

03 - Approval and Production

Begin prescribing your custom treatments, and leave the logistics to us. We compound, label, and directly ship to your patients or your office, ensuring seamless delivery.

04 - Billing and Revenue

Directly bill your patients and receive monthly financial reports from us, simplifying your financial management.

  • A personalized prescription refers to our service of providing custom-branded medications that you can prescribe under your own brand name. This allows you to offer unique, tailored treatments directly to your patients, enhancing your practice's brand while meeting specific patient needs.

  • Tailored for dermatologists, pain management specialists, hormone therapists, and more, this service is perfect for medical professionals seeking to offer custom-branded treatments and enhance patient care.

  • Begin by booking a free discovery call with us. This initial conversation will help us understand your needs and explain how our custom formulation services can integrate seamlessly into your practice.

  • Yes, you can choose to bill insurance for the custom prescriptions. We support both insurance billing and direct cash payments, depending on what best fits your practice's and patients' needs.

  • Our telemedicine platform can be seamlessly integrated, allowing you to conduct consultations, manage prescriptions, and follow up with patients virtually. This integration enhances convenience for both you and your patients, making personalized care more accessible.

  • Absolutely. All our custom formulations and labeling processes adhere strictly to FDA regulations to ensure they are safe and effective for patient use.

Frequently Asked Questions

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