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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Offering Post-Care Treatments in Wholesaling

Though many medical professionals and healthcare providers have had success in the

wholesale space by retailing post-care products to their patients, the journey of

developing success can often lead to unexpected challenges and disappointments,

particularly when those products end up on online marketplaces like Amazon at

significantly lower prices.

Doctors and medical professionals have found building a practice on these

supplementary offerings can be significantly beneficial financially and professionally.

Whether it’s specialized skincare for dermatological skin procedures or diseased

conditions, medical devices for rehabilitation or Durable Medical Equipment (DME’S), or dietary supplements for wellness plans, these products can enhance the patient's

outcome and satisfaction. Patients appreciate the convenience of buying these

treatments directly from their trusted medical provider rather than searching for products on their own.

However, with the need for the manufacturers to scale their distribution, they are forced to partner with the mega online platforms to retail directly to consumers. This presents a new set of challenges for medical providers because the same products they are wholesaling to their patients are being sold online at significantly lower prices. This not only undermines the provider’s ability to compete but can also form provider-patient distrust. Patients will question why they should continue to purchase from their doctor’s office at a higher cost rather than buying online for less with mail-order delivery.

While challenges like these are inevitable in today’s evolving healthcare landscape, they also present an opportunity for innovative ideas like white labeling or custom formulating your own branded post-care products. Partners like Prescriber Pharmacy Services can provide you with these product development services where you can now offer provider-branded, personalized treatment solutions to your patients in the office and online without the fear of losing to the competition.

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